Monday, March 17, 2008

Paterson to the Rescue

It has only taken one week to travel from Scandal to Salvation.

Today I listened to a couple of interviews regarding Paterson conducted by the New York Times with elected officials. It would appear from how the press is treating the transition, that both parties enjoy the civility of our new Governor.

There was always something smarmy about Spitzer. I felt while reading articles about him that he was not a very likable guy. He was tough, smart and tactical.

Regarding Paterson, I see the opposite is true. I think so little is known about him that people are generally just optimistic that he will do better.

Spitzer's campaign in public life might be over, but his appointment of officials and the agenda that he set in motion will supersede Client #9.

The coming weeks will be a good testing ground to see how the Democrats and Republicans will adjust to their new leader.

Good luck Paterson!

East Village Radio and Kelley Polar

There is one podcast that I listen to every week religiously.

Its the Tom & Guests DJ Show on East Village Radio.

The music scene in NYC is so diverse, but through whatever circumstances I came upon this local internet radio station. They have a full line up of shows broadcasting 24/7.

Every Wednesday afternoon from 12-2 PM they play their records and cutting edge indie rock/electronic music.

Each week they profile a couple of new mixes and artists. Last week I heard for the first time a song "Entropy Reighns (In the Celestial City)" by Kelley Polar. It knocked me off my feet.

I loved the song so much that I even went to a record store and bought the album on CD.

Today was probably the first time in a year or two that I went to a store and put cash on the counter for a record. Up until now its just been through itunes.

What a great feeling it is to tear the saran wrap off a cd case. I kind of miss it.