Friday, March 14, 2008

Up and Down

The stock market makes me laugh sometimes.

Right now we are in a recession. I do not care if you are against the idea of a recession, but it is here. Get over it already.

This week I have seen some pretty funny things unfold, from Eliot Spitzer to a $200 Billion dollar band aid to a $19 Billion dollar loss (from Carlyle Capital). Our Dow has had a huge upward shift upon news of the Fed injecting some money, but one day later we see the Carlyle Group default on a $21 Billion dollar fund.

Its so ridiculous. I love it.

The Carlyle Group was trading on debt at 31 times cash value. These margins and the idiot bankers who support these ridiculous valuations are all crazy. I hope these big swinging dicks get fired and go into crazy personal debt. Its just obnoxious.

Meanwhile in my week review we have AOL buying San Francisco based Bebo for $805 Million big ones. Who uses this site? The English...and the list goes dead.

Tonight I will be at the Mashable party. See you there.

Kristen's My Biatch!!

Well Spitzer, as if there is not enough crap written about you and Silda already (ps. I saw the Cramer clip - it made me cry too) I am going to write my own homage to you.

We saw you coming from afar (and track down every asshole on wall street). It was an affidavit, maybe something more...

The Street got scared, nobody was spared.
And the land before you trembled.

The Feds got sweet.
You were not so neat.

And Kristen gave you head.

You came, You saw, You conquered.
You got fucked, You got sucked, Now nobody wishes they were you.

Its sad to say, it won't go away. We can all have your girl for forty-five-hundred-dollars a day.

I wish you luck, even though nobody gives a fuck, except for Bubba, who will give you his all, from cell block 9 down the hall.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I was looking at my stats on feedburner today. They are really pathetic. I will be the first to admit it. My stats are 29 subscribers.

The truth, for those of you long time subscribers (Hi Mom and Dad) is that I have not been writing enough lately. Maybe the content is weak? The stories too long or too short. Not really sure.

Last time I checked in with my trusty feedburner feed, I had 19 subscribers. Glad to see that 10 more people have been lured onto my subscription page.

Not sure what my goal for readership really is. If I get a million will that make Robert Scoble smirk? Will Jimmy Wales (with all his woes and girlfriend issues) be jealous? I guessing a big NO!

One problem stems from the fact that I have friends who just RSS my feed and google reader my blog, so their numbers (and my guess is that this is in the 50-60s of readers) do not accurately reflect the number of people actually reading this blog in sum.

Well as it is, to the 29 subscribers and the countless other readers, I salute you.

Apparently, my friends think this blog post already sucks and that instead I should be writing about Kristen, Eliot Spitzer's friend. Yeah, we're buddies.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Valiant Idiot and politics today.

The news blaring in my ears for over 24 hours has been that Eliot Spitzer got caught with his pants down.

What a fucking idiot! I love this character so much that it makes me want to burn all my fiction novels. Who really needs to escape to a fantasy world of gnomes, wizards and demons when we have a New York State Governor to ogle?

The best part about this "scandal" is that its old news. No its not old news that Spitzer got caught by the Feds, but its old news that a politician is crooked as the San Andreas fault (I could have substituted a million things here).

My biggest gripe is that as a Democrat taking back the house, it should have been a bigger priority for Spitzer to be on his best behavior. But alas, the Demos look weak right now. Their leader looks like a spaz and thats not all. It reflects poorly on Senator Clinton as a legacy who endorsed his candidacy. Luckily for me I am a 3rd party participant in this charade. I am a Republican. This makes me feel kind of bad for the democrats. Especially when their whip looks like such a bitch.

I hope this helps Obama in some way. I have always liked his tenor, strength of character and no-nonsense attitude towards politics. I am in a rough place now with the Republican nomination of McCain. I am not against him, but I have my reservations. This scandal makes me laugh since I am trying not to weigh in on either side until the parties have figured out their crap. Who will be the Demo's nominee?

There are all these delegates, super delegates, primaries and general election. They all piss me off. They are all a waste of time, money and emotion. Plus, the simple fact that we are a two-party system pisses me off even further.

To watch all the bickering between the Democratic nominees is painful. Clinton is looking hungry and angry at every turn. She is slinging mud at Obama during the recent debates, she is throwing up pictures of Obama wearing traditional African attire (and not taking responsibility) and now she (and Slick Willy) are declaring that Obama would make a great Vice President. Where does it end? Last time I looked, Obama was winning the primaries.

If the Democrats want a good chance at ousting the Republicans, they better pick a candidate fast. There is so much internal fighting taking place that McCain can coast until the Democratic National Convention.

Getting back to Spitzer...Considering that he prosecuted a prostitution ring last year indicting 16 people, its dark comedy to see him caught in a similar sitituation. Client 9. Room 871. Thats awesome.