Monday, January 28, 2008

Twitter Me This Twitter Me That, Who's Afraid of the Big Black Bat?

Oh hell. What to do with Twitter?

I have been a fairly avid user of twitter over the last year. Its been good to me at times, but sometimes it gets really annoying.

The problem is noise and usability. Its so damn easy to use that people are twittering all the time.

"Taking a dump" "Walking the dog" "Fire at BricaBox HQ"

For all the noise there are a couple of insightful comments that arise through twitter. It enables me to glimpse into the lives of friends and colleagues without having to interact with them. Taking out social interaction by automating it might not be the best method for humans to coincide.

I follow Fred Wilson, but I have only met him once. I am also followed by 64 people. Half of these people I have never even met. Its kind of creepy that people want to follow me in the first place. On the flip side its endearing to know that someone cares enough to add me.

However, I am not sure what the future is for this service. While I was away in Denmark last December I turned off my blackberry. This in turn stopped all the twitter updates that streamed through my phone 24 hours a day. When I came back to New York I kept my twitter updates turned off. They are still off, but I check the website every couple of days to see what people have been up to.

The crowd sourcing of this web service is questionable. For me to really get anything out of twitter I have to be connected all the time. Unfortunately I am receiving plenty of worthless information all day long.

twitters about bathrooms, I twitter about bars and my buddies twitter about drinking coffee.

Alley Insider even has a twitter of the day.

Where is this going? Not really sure. There is a utility to twitter, but the exit strategy is not clear to me.

Advertisements in the twitter interface are annoying. Annoyance leads to a lack of usage. So how will twitter make money? Corporate America could buyout twitter and harvest its users through branding, but I am not sure what else you could really do with this service. Perhaps its just another fad.