Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Valiant Idiot and politics today.

The news blaring in my ears for over 24 hours has been that Eliot Spitzer got caught with his pants down.

What a fucking idiot! I love this character so much that it makes me want to burn all my fiction novels. Who really needs to escape to a fantasy world of gnomes, wizards and demons when we have a New York State Governor to ogle?

The best part about this "scandal" is that its old news. No its not old news that Spitzer got caught by the Feds, but its old news that a politician is crooked as the San Andreas fault (I could have substituted a million things here).

My biggest gripe is that as a Democrat taking back the house, it should have been a bigger priority for Spitzer to be on his best behavior. But alas, the Demos look weak right now. Their leader looks like a spaz and thats not all. It reflects poorly on Senator Clinton as a legacy who endorsed his candidacy. Luckily for me I am a 3rd party participant in this charade. I am a Republican. This makes me feel kind of bad for the democrats. Especially when their whip looks like such a bitch.

I hope this helps Obama in some way. I have always liked his tenor, strength of character and no-nonsense attitude towards politics. I am in a rough place now with the Republican nomination of McCain. I am not against him, but I have my reservations. This scandal makes me laugh since I am trying not to weigh in on either side until the parties have figured out their crap. Who will be the Demo's nominee?

There are all these delegates, super delegates, primaries and general election. They all piss me off. They are all a waste of time, money and emotion. Plus, the simple fact that we are a two-party system pisses me off even further.

To watch all the bickering between the Democratic nominees is painful. Clinton is looking hungry and angry at every turn. She is slinging mud at Obama during the recent debates, she is throwing up pictures of Obama wearing traditional African attire (and not taking responsibility) and now she (and Slick Willy) are declaring that Obama would make a great Vice President. Where does it end? Last time I looked, Obama was winning the primaries.

If the Democrats want a good chance at ousting the Republicans, they better pick a candidate fast. There is so much internal fighting taking place that McCain can coast until the Democratic National Convention.

Getting back to Spitzer...Considering that he prosecuted a prostitution ring last year indicting 16 people, its dark comedy to see him caught in a similar sitituation. Client 9. Room 871. Thats awesome.