Friday, March 14, 2008

Kristen's My Biatch!!

Well Spitzer, as if there is not enough crap written about you and Silda already (ps. I saw the Cramer clip - it made me cry too) I am going to write my own homage to you.

We saw you coming from afar (and track down every asshole on wall street). It was an affidavit, maybe something more...

The Street got scared, nobody was spared.
And the land before you trembled.

The Feds got sweet.
You were not so neat.

And Kristen gave you head.

You came, You saw, You conquered.
You got fucked, You got sucked, Now nobody wishes they were you.

Its sad to say, it won't go away. We can all have your girl for forty-five-hundred-dollars a day.

I wish you luck, even though nobody gives a fuck, except for Bubba, who will give you his all, from cell block 9 down the hall.