Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its Thursday already

This week has been a blur.

Last week was pretty intense out in Phoenix. It was awesome meeting the family of investors, friends and portfolio company founders surrounding Knight's Bridge Capital Partners and Lindzon Capital Partners.

They were an awesome group. I can only hope that my circle of friends is as much fun in 15 years when I am 40. My hope is that we all have kids and that we aren't boring by that age. Anything above and beyond that will be a miracle.

I learned a couple of things out in Phoenix.

1.Its 80 degrees in late February/ early March.
2.Always wear sunblock.
3.Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Arizona are really spread out compared to New York City.
4.Never underestimate the power of golf. I sucked, but I actually had a great time playing.
5.The landscape of the Southwest is breathtakingly beautiful. I had the opportunity to check out Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West - it was Boss.
6.New York rents blow hard. I can get a new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom for $1000/month out in Phoenix with Pool and jacuzzi. The security deposit is only $300 and there is absolutely NO greedy sleazy brokers fee.

But getting back has been great. The weather in New York has been pretty good (except for a slight flurry of rain) and the weekend is almost here.

Time really does fly.