Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I was looking at my stats on feedburner today. They are really pathetic. I will be the first to admit it. My stats are 29 subscribers.

The truth, for those of you long time subscribers (Hi Mom and Dad) is that I have not been writing enough lately. Maybe the content is weak? The stories too long or too short. Not really sure.

Last time I checked in with my trusty feedburner feed, I had 19 subscribers. Glad to see that 10 more people have been lured onto my subscription page.

Not sure what my goal for readership really is. If I get a million will that make Robert Scoble smirk? Will Jimmy Wales (with all his woes and girlfriend issues) be jealous? I guessing a big NO!

One problem stems from the fact that I have friends who just RSS my feed and google reader my blog, so their numbers (and my guess is that this is in the 50-60s of readers) do not accurately reflect the number of people actually reading this blog in sum.

Well as it is, to the 29 subscribers and the countless other readers, I salute you.

Apparently, my friends think this blog post already sucks and that instead I should be writing about Kristen, Eliot Spitzer's friend. Yeah, we're buddies.