Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Monday: Don't be a Baby about it

The game was watched. The Giants won and I lost a dollar.

That was my big bet for the season, that the Patriots would have the perfect season.

Robert Kraft was the commencement speaker for the graduating class of 2005 at Columbia University. I am not really sure what he talked about. I think I was too excited to really care.

My friends and I really looked forward to the commercials. For me watching the Superbowl is like breaking into a bad habit. I do not have a television and have not been following sports or tv shows for the last 10 years. In essence, me watching football once a year is kind of like sneaking in a cigarette to a reformed smoker.

Growing up I watched way too much MTV, Nickelodeon and Columbo. Once I hit high school I pretty much stopped caring what was on the boobtube. There were too many fun things to do outside of the house that I just did not have time to sit around and veg-out.

To this day I am anti-television. I love watching good films, but asking me about LOST or American Idol will get you no where fast.

Back to the commercials:

They weren't really that funny. The only worthwhile ads that came on were for a little baby talking stocks. This was the most spectacular advertisement. I love hearing a one-year old talking about mutual funds. He even took some of his earnings and rented a clown for a couple of hours. Classic! Ironically, this was a commerical for E Trade. The most talked about failure of recent memory in the cheap, online trading sphere.

Talking babies won't save this one.