Tuesday, February 5, 2008

O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference 2008

This week I look forward to Tim O'Reilly's Money:Tech Conference to be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The list of speakers is impressive and the topics to be covered should be equally provocative.

Speeches by Jim Cramer (The Street) and Paul Kedrosky (Infectious Greed) amongst others should provide some helpful insight into how our economy, the stock market and technology will change in the upcoming year. The horror that we are seeing in the market appears to be here for the near-term and its anyone's guess as to when it will be lifted.

It will also be good to see many of the investment professionals all located in one place for two days to exchange ideas and projections about the market and its direction.

Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Howard and others are seeing a slow down in activity around the start-up finance sector as consumers tighten their spending habits.

Its been almost a year since I first met Jason Knight, CEO of Wesabe (whom O'Reilly and Union Square Ventures have investment). It will be good to see how his progress has accelerated since our first meeting. The field of online-personal-finance has grown significantly; as more and more companies are springing up to fill this void. Geezeo, Mint and Wesabe have positioned themselves as industry leaders ( Mint is doing damn well in my opinion).

Looking forward to it.