Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Shave Rule

Lately friends and colleagues of mine have been pondering: "Why don't you shave more often?"

The answer is simple. I do not think its necessary.

One of the best parts about being blond is that its hard to grow a decent beard. Now this variates from person to person, but in my case I could not shave for a month and it will never get that bad.

Its great. I shave like once a week.

I have an important meeting this afternoon and for it I am considering a shave.

There is a wonderful idea about men's shaving habits and the relationship to being a hipster. The idea goes that you shave once on Sunday or Monday. Let it grow for a while. Once you hit Friday and Saturday nights you will be in the best shaggy-hipster shape possible.

Too bad I am not a hipster.