Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Racing Season

The first few races of 2008 have been announced on . Or at least they are in the process of getting organized.

I await the start of the racing season. It never really ends, not unless you stop riding, but why would you do that?

First race of NYC in 2008 will be held January 26 entitled "Capital Crimes" location and starting time TBD.

Second race: Valentine's Day, Thursday February 14th. Starting at the bright and early time of 6:30 PM this will make for a memorable valentine's day date.

Monstertrack 9, Weekend of March 8-10. Fuck yeah!! Can't wait for this years race. Its going to rock. It will just be the real racers. The colder the weather, the more ridiculous the riders. This should be a great turnout from all over the world too. I have some buddies from Copenhagen who will probably come out for the race.