Monday, January 14, 2008

3PAR: Investing 101

Starting at some point in May, I was working with 3PAR (public, NYSE: PAR) as a real estate consultant to the company. This was back when I worked in commercial real estate at CresaPartners.

3PAR is in the process of expanding their operations around the country. They are adding increased capacity for their users and hiring a larger sales force.

Simultaneously, while I worked on the logistics of their real estate, the company was focusing on an IPO.

During the summer I opened a brokerage account at Charles Schwab with the intention of taking money that I earned while working as a consultant and playing with it in the market. Nothing sat very well with me this summer and despite the dow hitting a new all-time high I didn't bite.

Initially priced between $11-13/per share, the IPO saw the stock hit a high of $17.99 in its first day of trading. I couldn't get my bid in their on time, since I am not an institutional investor. However, I got in there around $17 only to see the stock slump day after day.

Today, January 14th is the first time I look back at the stock since December. Its now trading at an even $10. I've lost almost 50% of my investment in two months. Astonishing!

However, I still believe in this stock and might even buy some more. Why? Because, I know that the business is doing well and that it takes sometime for the true price to work itself out.

Analysts at RBC Capital Markets and Credit Suisse, seem to be thinking along the same lines as me, having recently rated the stock as an "outperform". They suggest that the stock may regain and surpass its first day trading price and strike out past $18 by years' end. I hope so too.