Thursday, November 22, 2007

Montrealean Thanksgiving

Friends and Family,

We take this day each year to be thankful for something. I am thankful to be healthy, drop dead gorgeous and in Montreal with my best friend, Anton.

I am thankful for many things, for although times are sometimes tough, its the perseverance of loved ones that helps to keep us going. For this I say Thank You.

Recently I had dinner with a close friend who had told me about a time in his life when he was on the verge of suicide. For over a week he binged on alcohol and finally woke up on the cold tiles of his bathroom floor. He had not ate anything for three or four days, just booze.

He told me that the reason he kept going was the thought of "not going" scared him too much. Its a sick and twisted paradigm. He was thankful for the experience because it taught him that he would never want to be in that situation ever again. He wants to live life to the fullest.

I am thankful for my amazing support system of parents, siblings and friends.

My career path is uncertain, but one to be happy about. If you don't like what you are doing, stop right now, stop complaining and figure out what makes you happiest. Be thankful that we live in an era where its acceptable to have 10 different jobs during the course of a lifetime.

Wherever you find happiness, find in it something to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Denmark: Almost Here

Each day I check off the number of days until I leave New York and head overseas to the Homeland: Denmark.

Its been two months now since I began Danish Classes. I am not sure if I have really learned how to speak that much, but I have a good handle on pronunciation, reading and writing. Perhaps I have mastered the level of a three year old but thats better than what I had before.

It would appear that I will be heading to a host of places during this excursion. People contacted at this point include my cousins and their daughters, old buddy from middle school (Christian in Lund, Sweden), a travel companion from Craigslist (Elsa in Gothenburg Sweden) and it looks like some friends from NYC will be in Copenhagen after Christmas.

The route I will be riding is still undetermined. Having studied the maps and historical features of DK, I am inclined to cut across Funen until I reach the Southwestern town of Tonder. The road will next take me North to Esbjerg through Rinkobing, Thisted, Jammerbugt, Hjorring and finally Skagen, the most Northern point in the country.

A short ferry ride across the water will place me in Gothenburg, Sweden. The route from Sweden is uncertain. Do I continue South along the Sweden's coastline or do I take a ferry back to Denmark?

There are many uncertainties, which I relish. Its the spirit of travel to be untethered. Three dates have me locked in at this point. An invitation for Christmas with my cousin (near Copenhagen), a birthday party in Copenhagen (Dec. 13-16) which is optional and my NYC friends arriving in the country after Christmas.

Let the spirit of the wild keep me free.

Cranksgiving Aftermath

Cranksgiving left me bruised and slightly broken-hearted.

The event itself was a success. Around 85 riders showed up, which given the chilly temperatures, was a feat in itself.

The format was simple. Hit up four different supermarkets scattered around the city, buy four different items from these stores and finish at 23rd and 11th Avenues.

The simplicity of the alleycat was awesome. The cause we were riding for was charity. I was elated.

That is until some asshole smashed into me with their White Ford Explorer on East 14th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.

I was in between the third and fourth checkpoints riding down the double yellow line in traffic. The cars had come to a halt due to the red light. Cruising down the median line I was approaching the intersection when out of the blue the Explorer busted a U-Turn OVER the double yellow!!!!

This asshole forced me to smash into the front hood of the car. My front wheel was sent underneath his massive tire and crushed. I got a little scraped up, but my front wheel is dead. Poor red Deep V Velocity Rim. RIP.

"We live here (Stuyvesant Town) and we're allowed to go over the double yellow" yelled the passenger of the vehicle.


Oh and the Police were a real help too. "We can file a report, but its not going to do you any good".

Other than that everything is great.