Friday, November 9, 2007

Cranksgiving Alleycat

This is going to be awesome.

Big race next weekend. FREE, but bring $10 to buy food which will be donated to a soup kitchen in the East Village.

Registration at 2 PM, race starts at 3PM (yeah right).

35th Street & 11th Avenue across from the Javits Center.

Angry German Stripper

I got a chuckle out of this one. Great way to waste a minute on a dreary, cold, rainy Friday.

God save us all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ad:tech Media Whiz Party

This year's New York City ad:tech convention, held at the Hilton in Midtown, started off with a fun party at Club Strata.

The event, sponsored by Media Whiz was surprisingly well attended by the fairer sex, a fact not lost on the many out-of-town advertising and marketing geeks.

Playing poker and blackjack while throwing back premium open-bar drinks led to some late night dancing by some (not by me surprisingly). Approximately 500 people must have dropped by during the course of the night. A good crowd considering it was a Monday night and raining lightly.

Thank you Media Whiz.

Radiohead: Give, Give, Give It Away

One month after the launch of pay-what-you-like for In Rainbows by Radiohead and the numbers are rolling via ComScore (SCOR).

Its a mixed bag of results. According to the numbers, 38% of users who downloaded the album globally chose to pay a weighted average of $2.26 per album (this factors in all the freeloaders).

In the United States we were more likely to not only pay for the album (40% paid something), but we paid more per All Downloads of the album too ($3.23 average).

To these results I am not too surprised. The United States has a very active bit-torrent community and the ease of finding online music has only been made easier by the advent of music exploration programs (Hype Machine, Pandora, However, we live in the United States and to that we owe the MPAA's and RIAA's trenches of lawyers fighting the uphill battle against piracy. Foreigners are not held to the same illegal downloading laws that we face in the US. We are conditioned to pay for the right to view movies and listen to music.

Its admirable that Radiohead took this step forward towards battling online piracy. If for no other reason to piss off record label execs, Radiohead has shown that people are willing to pay for free music. Their cult of followers can only grow stronger through better music and greater customer service. The right of the artist to produce 2 good songs and 10 songs of filler is over.

Monday, November 5, 2007

500 Facebook Friends and Counting...

Not sure that this is something to brag about - its not. But it is interesting to note how quickly these "friendships" develop. I wish there was a facebook application that chronologically tracked the additions of friends via facebook. A mashup of your usage of the site and the number of friends you acquire. Similarly this could work for the number of messages, wall posts and pictures posted.

I would expect major spikes of usage around holiday seasons and surrounding birthdays.

Barney Pinata

My relationship with Zuckerberg is on the rocks. We haven't spoken since June. I am heart broken. Perhaps I am just not big enough or important enough for the facebook czar.

However, I will continue to use his website and with even more vigor.

There was a time back in college when I was on facebook for a couple of months and became bored with its service. I actually canceled my account for six months, only to be lured back into its mystique.

Last weekend I used the facebook events page to organize my birthday party. It seemed to work. Only 17 people rsvp'd, but 40 people showed up through the course of the evening.

Thanks to all those in attendance.

Moving forward I will be interested to see the quality of my friends on facebook and how the FB empire will further grow to suit my needs as a consumer internet user.