Monday, October 1, 2007 CROX (and Kristian) $56.86

Today is yet another beautiful Fall day in NYC, but enough about the weather.

One week ago I announced that something big was going to happen on Monday. Sorry if its not earth-shattering, but for me being on again is exciting enough to make an announcement. So thats the big whoop.

Watch as host, Lindsay Campbell, makes fun of my bowtie (again) and buys me a pair of crocs.

I won a pair crocs (CROX) by picking the closest (2nd closest) closing stock price. There were 217 responses last time I checked. Unfortunately out of all these people, many did not leave their contact information. Technically Ann won the contest by picking a closing price of $86.91, whereas I chose $57.00. To bad she is Ann(onymous)!

Will there be another wallstrip with Kristian? TBD... Let's hope so.