Thursday, September 13, 2007

NextNY: Impromptu Meet-up

The Luna Park at Union Square Park laid the backdrop for the Fall's first "official" NextNY meet-up.

There were probably upwards of 12 people who showed up.

Whats amazing about the number of people who showed up, as opposed to a normal NextNY event is the flash-mob essence of this meeting. Usually we have events planned out a couple of weeks in advance. Normally there is a topic, speakers and the location is an office.

Last night for better or worse was different. Instead of posting the event weeks in advance, providing a wiki for sign-up/RSVPs - the whole event was orchestrated through the NextNY message board. Furthermore technology further accelerated the process via Twitter.

About an hour before the event Charlie O'Donnell was twittering about riding on a Metro North and catching the subway at Grand Central to get to the event.

Simultaneously, downtown Nate Westheimer was twittering that he had a bucket of beers awaiting the first people to show up at Luna Park.

Considering that Rosh Hashana is occuring as I write this, it marvelous that we were able to have a quick turnout of techies from the community. I think there was even a french journalist there to write about the meet-up.

It would be great to see a NextNY Twitter Group...