Saturday, August 4, 2007

Central park roller skating disco

Hanging out in the park listening to some great beats.
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bonnie Briar

Bonnie Briar
Bonnie Briar,
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View down the first fairway.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Little Boxes On The Hillside...

Little boxes on the hillside built with ticky tacky.

An old song we had to sing in music class during elementary school. It describes Daly City if my memory serves me correctly.

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Communications 101

Accessibility has ruined the 9-5 work schedule. It is a relic of the past. A fossil.

In our hyper-connected sphere we are faced with a million (plus one) ways to connect.

  • Dead people use séances , telegrams and fax machines to communicate with the living.
  • Old people (those over 30) use email, a phone and LinkedIn.
  • Young people use Myspace, Facebook and text messaging.
If you are reading this there is a high probability that you participate/ use some sort of online social network to communicate.

My world is somewhere in-between all of the above, but interconnected with lunatic startups, crazy commercial real estate transactions, friends and family. There are three devices I use to interact with these everything: Blackberry Curve (business), Samsung Blackjack (personal) and my Macbook Pro.

Having two phones really sucks. I have a Grand Central account, but I haven't really started using it yet, besides I don't think that will solve my text messaging addiction or my crackberry problem.

The Macbook is the only suitable companion for all my travels. Airplanes, board meetings, email, facebook, movies, music - its all there.

All of these devices that allow me to work/blog/have fun/connect consume my life. In 10-20 years I look forward to the next wave of mobility, flexibility and connectivity. Maybe what I really want is a Dick Tracy wristwatch phone/internet device. Is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Real Estate Going Up

While the rest of the country worries about prime and subprime loans, Marin County is shooting up in housing prices. Marin's median housing price is a whopping $1.2M!

Despite Cramer's best attempt at realizing the marketplace on a macro level its amazing that the market in certain areas is still robust. The average house has risen over 15% from last year in Marin. Thats great news for my parents who bought 25 years ago.

The reality is that there are no new developments in my county. No space for them really. Its been developed to the point that our county ordinances do not allow further development. Additionally we have designated large tracts of our county as Open Spaces.

The influx of wealthy and upper-middle class citizens, the 20 minute commute to San Francisco and Cafe Rulli will keep these home prices high.

Holding Up California

Its been a week since I left NYC for the Bay Area. Its been a great break from the daily grind.

The skies have been blue and the air has been rejuvenating. Its amazing what a little R&R can do.

To date I have been riding my bike all over Marin and San Francisco, while seeing old friends and family. Working on this "carbon" footprint has forced me to ridicule cars all the more. Thats in part why I am riding my bike everywhere. In one week I have driven for only one day. Pretty fantastic.

This week I am glad to see that Howard has finally got himself a Curve. Its about time.

Exciting developments in New York await.

For now, its nice to relax on the porch and look out at the garden. Back in the Big Apple Thursday.