Friday, July 13, 2007

The Tour

For the last week I have been pretty hardcore about following the Tour de France.

Its the holy grail of all bike races in my opinion. 21 teams, 2200 miles in less than four weeks.


I'll be going for a bike ride shortly to just revel in the moment. Maybe I 'll even wear my old Columbia gear so I can feel like I am really racing. Actually that sounds kind of weird. I 'll just ride for the fun of it.

Watch out Central Park, I 'll be bringing the Tour to NYC this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today I am happy to have been featured on Wallstrip!

Thats correct, used me in one of their pieces on a commercial real estate stock - LOOP - Loopnet.

Its kind of funny that I was used in the portrayal of this stock since I really have no idea what they do. I actually use a company called the CoStar Group - CSGP, in my opinion they are the the most prevalent company for what I do on a day to day basis. But still the fact remains that loopnet is rising rapidly since their IPO last July.

Working with Lindsay, Adam Eland and Jon Labes was a blast. Could not have asked for better editors (god I look smart).

If for some reason people are able to find this blog and you need some help with commercial real estate drop me a line (shameless plug) or if you just want to meet one of wallstrip's biggest fans that could work too.