Friday, July 6, 2007

Job Stalking

This blog is great. Literally I can write about anything. Its invigorating.

One of my buddies is in the job market. He is hitting a wall. He wants a job in finance and he has only a limited amount of work experience in this field (thats because he's 24).

My advice was simple. Stalk the companies you are interested in working for or with.

Email the buggers. Call them religiously. Act like getting a job is your job. Please don't fax them though, it hurts the trees and no one really uses faxes nowadays.

Too many people think that monstertrak is the way to get a job. I am sure people get plenty of jobs through this service. But a real job is one that not only you want, but you strive for.

Commercial real estate and investing did not land on my door step. My dad is not a big hedge fund guy - he's an electrician. My mom is a full time mom (there's a full four kids in our pod). But both of my parents taught me how to earn my keep and spot opportunity.

As their oldest pupil they never set artificial barriers for me to be a success. If I wanted to work as a bartender that was fine. If tomorrow I wanted to become a professional world traveler or a garbage man - go for it!

This mentality has worked well for my professional aspirations. It is my prerogative to surround myself with people who are "Lets make it happen" types.

Thus I told my friend to spend a week looking into companies he is really interested in learning more about. Look up old articles about the CEO's, VP's. Find out where they eat lunch. Where are all their offices located? What is the most recent application, software update, quarterly revenues? Be that guy who they want to hire.

My college internship did not exist. I created it. Create the opportunity for someone to offer you a position. Become indispensable so the company you want to work for has to hire your services.

A Couple Things I Digg for Music

The last week my posting efforts have been pretty weak. Then again it is the Fourth of July and all that jazz.

I want to take a moment to write about three music apps that I am using right now to find and download music (legally).

Hype Machine
is by far my favorite music discovery vehicle. It just makes perfect sense. Not only does it aggregate and play music for you, but it allows you to see what other people are saying about these same songs. Anthony has created a powerful application that I hope more and more people will use as its popularity spreads. He even has a facebook app, although thats in beta.

Next on my list, is finding the music. For this process I prefer using . It makes for an easy way to find indexes of music which are freely available. It takes a little bit of time to find the right songs, but I am finding that it actually aggregates many more remixes and off-the-cuff recordings than you would get with a regular bit torrent or downloading service. Its actually the fact that you find weird recordings using this website that I really like its versatility.

The third program I have been using as of late is DownThemAll! Not only does it rip music, but also all images from a webpage. Its also has a cool accelerator thingie (not sure how it works) that makes downloading a breeze.

These three components have been making me a very happy, musically minded camper. Its pretty impossible to not find music when you have these applications working the web for you.

All you have left to do is put on a pair of adidas and start dancing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Grand Central July 3rd

Grand Central July 3rd
Grand Central July 3rd,
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The Fourth is upon us and the crowds are here to prove it.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Intern speaks out....

My summer intern is a bright kid, Paul Weir.

He's helping me with some of my marketing and consultative projects around Manhattan.

I told him that part of the job of working with me is to keep a blog. Its good to know my words were listened to. The result...

Chronicles of an Intern

No matter how you feel about blogs, its important to keep a log to show what you have been working on, things you are thinking about and processes you are attempting to understand. To this end, I feel a blog is the easiest way to let these thoughts play themselves out.

Paul is on a weekly regiment to keep his blog up.


The Buzz is here

Yesterday I saw this well-to-do gentleman on the subway showing off his new iphone. It was pretty funny because he just stood in the middle of the car, listening to music, but holding his phone out the entire time for the world to ogle.

Usually I am not grasping at my shuffle or curve to show the world how cool I am. Now I understand that its the hip thing to do - I mean it IS an iphone.

But trust me, the curve is all I need.

Howard unfortunately is caving into the hype and buying the phone. Its okay only because he's so long AAPL.