Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marisa Congratulations

My little sister has graduated from Redwood High School in Larkspur, California.

Excellent job Moe. You rock!!! Its great to know that out of all four kids in my family none of us were expelled from Redwood and that we all moved on to bigger things.

You have now joined the ranks of some very famous alumni including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and comedian/actor/drunk Robin Williams.

Our family has made it this far with one in the business world, one a sheriff and two college kids.

My parents are crazy, but that's exactly why I love them.

Hansen clan rocks...

Uber-connectivity and consolidation

All these widgets, communication hotspots and means for contacting people are becoming overwhelming.

Take twitter, facebook, AIM, myspace or what-have-you. We are so damn connected that its harder and harder for me to concentrate on anything for more than 15 minutes (thats why this post will be short and sweet).

Did I forget to mention blogs, podcasts, videocast as other mediums which connect us via the internet? And emails, SMS text messages, skype...

The next generation of youth will never be without their friends. Relationships will be cast in html simultaneously. GPS-enabled phones will make it possible for people to identify and immediately add people as friends via their unique social characteristics.

Schools will be making all of their facebooks online, thus in kindergarten you will already have a wall that moms can write on (similar to facebook). It should be interesting to see how we begin to archive as a society these interactions which "used" to take place through paper and pen. Can we or should we be moving away from these time tested activities? Is there something implicit about the tactility of a yearbook that will never let it die?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg: Did I spell that right?

Tonight there was an unexpected surprise at my office. It wasn't the 80 people that showed up or the amount of beer drunk, no it was facebook's young founder, Mark.

He showed up wearing his signature adidas flip-flops, CEO- ragged jeans and North Face jacket. Just what I would expect from the most revolutionary leader in the Web 2.0 sphere.

Speaking about the future of facebook's development Zuckerberg was hopeful and at times merry about the prospects of his newfound open-source platform.

"Facebook should have 100 million unique users by the first half of 2008" he stated.

That means we'll have 100 million tech savvy people networking on facebook within the next year. Its kind of scary, but Mark also stated that the site is continuing its growth at 3% per month. Now, I am no whiz kid but that is outrageous. Add to that this new OS thing (which has over 40,000 developers within three weeks) and we have a recipe for disruption.

Mark is kicking ass and doesn't even need to take any prisoners.

By the way, thanks Mark for having your picture taken with me. Its the only way that I can prove that I actually met you.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cool Stuff Happening This Week

There are many spectacular events occurring this week around New York City.

Wednesday morning I will be attending the SJF CEO Cleantech Summit. During which I will learn about the confluence of technology and environmentally friendly companies that are being funded.

Wednesday for lunch is the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati "Entrepreneur's College" where the discussion topic will be Intellectual Property.

Wednesday night, I will be co-hosting the first ever Facebook Developer's Forum at my office. We will try and pack 60 local developers into my office for sushi, beer and insightful conversation about up-and-coming facebook applications. Should be exciting and best of all - facebook is paying for it!

Thursday is another whirlwind of activity in NYC's tech/VC scene.

Starting at 8:00 AM is the ibreakfast Web 2.0 NY/ Madison Avenue Conference with keynote address from Esther Dyson and speakers Shawn Gold (SVP, myspace), Spot Runner, IAC and many others. Should be great.

Luncheon on Tort Law Reform. Don't ask why... I am not sure myself - but lunch is free at Harvard Club - no complaints there.

Thus the next two days will be very busy. Not really sure when I will get any "work" done, but I'll be around NYC from Wall Street to Fordham Law. Hope to see some familiar faces.

twitter me if you want to meetup: nikosthenes


Facebook apps

This Wednesday if you are around the NYC Metro area you should stop by my office to participate in the first meeting of Facebook Developers.

Its pretty neat. Amit Gupta decided to put together a group of developers for the purpose of discussing/demoing/ participating in creating new applications for facebook recently opened platform.

Facebook has really got it going on. Over the course of the last couple of years their domination and staying power has been tested time and time again. My hat is off to Mark Zuckerberg and his team for putting together the next generation of Microsoft/Apple/IBM innovation inspired company.

Of course only time will tell if facebook will have a major impact on the software/ technology industry, but if is busy developing a facebook app, there must be many other similar minded companies that are engrossed with their own projects. has one of the most popular widgets, followed by iLike, xMe and any host of other apps.

These long term trends that we are watching unfold in technology have been sped up because of our 24/7 mentality and purpose du jour of creating evolution.

IBM was the dominant leader in computers for what, 50 years? This was dramatically shifted very quickly by Bill Gates as he recognized the opportunity of providing the OS for all computers. His genius lasted until Mark Zuckerberg created the next medium - the hyper social network.

The real question in the next year or two will be "Who doesn't have an application for facebook?" or "Why don't you have an application for facebook?"

I would not be suprised if in the next couple of weeks/months we see a number of start-ups seed/angel funded (if not provided Series A monies) wholly based on the concept that they see facebook apps as an important business strategy.

We will see, but in the meantime drop by at 7pm at
100 Park Avenue, Floor 24 (a block from Grand Central at 41st Street)
and please RSVP on Facebook ahead of time so we know how much food to get.