Thursday, March 1, 2007

NextNY: Big Apple 2.0

Big thanks to everyone for coming out last night and making the event a great success.

Great discussion was held between entrepreneurs, technologists, angel/venture investors and like-minded individuals.

Charlie O'Donnell
led the discussion and was helped by a number of distinguished guests: Saul Schapiro - New York Empire Development Corp, Jerry Colonna - Investor, Dennis Crowley - Dodgeball, Alejandro Crawford - Nolej and Darren Herman.

Nate Westheimer's idea of cafe Bricolage was a great conversation topic. No solid answers came out of the debate, but it was clear that its in everyone's (new york techies) interest to discover ways to foster a communal relationship amongst investors, technologists, larger companies (google, yahoo) and youth.

Community is the greatest asset that we can hope to produce. NextNY is a helpful to tool (as is for entrepreneurs to connect. But at the end of the day these meetings and the technology we use to make them happen are tools.

It seemed to me that if people want a better environment than we will have to create it ourselves. That means finding some investors ( either from the East or West Coast) to put up capital for renting out space and building out a floor for small techs to inhabit. We already have a steady stream of young companies that need space.

I am not so sure that I agree that a coffee shop where techies hang out is the answer, but until a better solution arises than we better get some mochas and huddle up.