Friday, December 14, 2007

Hamlet: I Heart You

Hamlet I heard you: No not really.

I am staying in the town of Kokkedal right now on the northern coast of Zealand about 25 kilometers outside of Kobenhavn. Its gray most of the day (perpetually overcast) and the temperature hovers between 2-6 Centigrade.
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We are about 16 kilometers outside of Helsignor, the town where Shakespeare attributes the play of Hamlet to the castle of Elsinore (see the resemblance).

I rode my bike there yesterday along the winding coast. It was a great day for a ride, with a cool breeze keeping me from overheating in my biking attire (jeans and sweatshirt).

The medieval town has changed little over the past few centuries. The streets are still cobblestone, the tourists are still Swedish and the castle remains standing century after century.

I decided to not travel into the actual castle, tickets are 75kr (15 bucks), but I walked around the moat and castle to observe that it looks like most castles (old and dreary). Instead I opted to visit a local bar at around 1 in the afternoon.

Surrounded by local pensioners I devoured my first Danish beer: Wiibroe. After a week of staying out here, yesterday was the first time that I actually had anything to drink. At 14kr a piece it was well worth the wait.

Wanting to stay warm before my ride back to Kokkedal I walked over to the local mall. I was lucky enough to catch the Santa Lucia "winter lights festival". Its a song carried out by the local girls to celebrate the dark days of winter and the light that comes from family (I think thats about right). Anyway, its a beautiful song to hear and it was great that through happenstance I was able to catch the a Santa Lucia song in action.