Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Denmark: Almost Here

Each day I check off the number of days until I leave New York and head overseas to the Homeland: Denmark.

Its been two months now since I began Danish Classes. I am not sure if I have really learned how to speak that much, but I have a good handle on pronunciation, reading and writing. Perhaps I have mastered the level of a three year old but thats better than what I had before.

It would appear that I will be heading to a host of places during this excursion. People contacted at this point include my cousins and their daughters, old buddy from middle school (Christian in Lund, Sweden), a travel companion from Craigslist (Elsa in Gothenburg Sweden) and it looks like some friends from NYC will be in Copenhagen after Christmas.

The route I will be riding is still undetermined. Having studied the maps and historical features of DK, I am inclined to cut across Funen until I reach the Southwestern town of Tonder. The road will next take me North to Esbjerg through Rinkobing, Thisted, Jammerbugt, Hjorring and finally Skagen, the most Northern point in the country.

A short ferry ride across the water will place me in Gothenburg, Sweden. The route from Sweden is uncertain. Do I continue South along the Sweden's coastline or do I take a ferry back to Denmark?

There are many uncertainties, which I relish. Its the spirit of travel to be untethered. Three dates have me locked in at this point. An invitation for Christmas with my cousin (near Copenhagen), a birthday party in Copenhagen (Dec. 13-16) which is optional and my NYC friends arriving in the country after Christmas.

Let the spirit of the wild keep me free.