Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cranksgiving Aftermath

Cranksgiving left me bruised and slightly broken-hearted.

The event itself was a success. Around 85 riders showed up, which given the chilly temperatures, was a feat in itself.

The format was simple. Hit up four different supermarkets scattered around the city, buy four different items from these stores and finish at 23rd and 11th Avenues.

The simplicity of the alleycat was awesome. The cause we were riding for was charity. I was elated.

That is until some asshole smashed into me with their White Ford Explorer on East 14th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.

I was in between the third and fourth checkpoints riding down the double yellow line in traffic. The cars had come to a halt due to the red light. Cruising down the median line I was approaching the intersection when out of the blue the Explorer busted a U-Turn OVER the double yellow!!!!

This asshole forced me to smash into the front hood of the car. My front wheel was sent underneath his massive tire and crushed. I got a little scraped up, but my front wheel is dead. Poor red Deep V Velocity Rim. RIP.

"We live here (Stuyvesant Town) and we're allowed to go over the double yellow" yelled the passenger of the vehicle.


Oh and the Police were a real help too. "We can file a report, but its not going to do you any good".

Other than that everything is great.