Monday, November 5, 2007

500 Facebook Friends and Counting...

Not sure that this is something to brag about - its not. But it is interesting to note how quickly these "friendships" develop. I wish there was a facebook application that chronologically tracked the additions of friends via facebook. A mashup of your usage of the site and the number of friends you acquire. Similarly this could work for the number of messages, wall posts and pictures posted.

I would expect major spikes of usage around holiday seasons and surrounding birthdays.

Barney Pinata

My relationship with Zuckerberg is on the rocks. We haven't spoken since June. I am heart broken. Perhaps I am just not big enough or important enough for the facebook czar.

However, I will continue to use his website and with even more vigor.

There was a time back in college when I was on facebook for a couple of months and became bored with its service. I actually canceled my account for six months, only to be lured back into its mystique.

Last weekend I used the facebook events page to organize my birthday party. It seemed to work. Only 17 people rsvp'd, but 40 people showed up through the course of the evening.

Thanks to all those in attendance.

Moving forward I will be interested to see the quality of my friends on facebook and how the FB empire will further grow to suit my needs as a consumer internet user.