Monday, October 29, 2007

Tweet of the day: Alley Insider

Each day Silicon Alley Insider highlights one of their Community Twitter members for a twit of brilliance or stupid. Not sure which category my twit from this morning fell into, but I think there is a point to my comment.

"I don't care how long I drink coffee at Starbucks; a medium is not a 'grande' never will be."

Its been how many years since Starbucks has been attempting to brainwash the United States into changing our vocabulary? I just don't get it and perhaps I am an old-timer, but we do not live in Italy or France. This is America. We like our coffees in Extra Large and Jumbo sized containers.

As a person who loves linguistics I am happy to watch as words and languages evolve. A Word A Day provides me with many great and oft-not used words. There is also Urban Dictionary for lets just say, less than scholarly worded phrases. It is taking me longer than my parents to accept the terminology for coffee that Schultz has pressed down my throat. Someday I might capitulate, until that day: One medium sized mocha, please.

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