Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do you know Drew?

Today I was sent a link to this site. STD Allstars!

Its the story of a girl who recently found out that she received herpes through a one-night stand with a dirty Williamsburg hipster.

She exposes this guy "Drew" and posts 400 pictures of him around Williamsburg Brooklyn in the hopes of spreading awareness about this dude and his STD.

Although the blog is pretty exciting to read its the commentary that many anonymous bloggers have commented alongside each entry that is most revealing/interesting.

Key Issues Raised:

  • Why didn't you use a condom?
  • Why are you having sex with strangers?
  • Did he "know" that he was infected (was it even Drew)?
  • You can be sued for defamation if these allegations are proved false.
Living in New York City as a wannabe-hipster I can understand why an incident like this occurred. It would appear that more people need to be more responsible and take better care of their bodies and actions.

Its too bad that this unnamed woman has had to deal with Drew and his STD's. On the other hand its great that someone is bringing this back to young people's attention. This blog could very well be fake. Perhaps none of the allegations took place. Maybe Drew doesn't exist, but the perils still are real.