Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NY Tech Meetup: September

Stepping into Cooper Union's "Great Hall" last night was an excellent experience.

The days of heckling technologists and entrepreneurs in an open forum are decidedly back from summer hibernation.

Last night's forum allowed for an unprecedented number of 10 start-ups to present information about their endeavors (although I must confess I was in the back not paying complete attention to each company).

I'm In Like With You was presented by founder Charles Forman alongside a beautiful San Francicso Bay Area iilwy' aficionado. It was good to see a web program that I enjoy using being touted and honored by our NYC Tech community. Disclosure: I am addicted to iilwy and I got a free t-shirt (see photo).

"What's the business plan?" someone yelled out - " I don't know yet" was Charles' response, "We don't really have one."

Indeed the days of companies without business plans are still very much on the mind of our web 2.0 crowd.

Yet, I am happy to see companies with good ideas still acquiring funding. Despite their lack of a business plan (or at least for not sharing it last night), iilwy has been able to develop a strong following of 20-something users. Their main premise is to "entertain people bored at work". I like this mantra. Its something that I can support.

It was also the who's who of NY's scene at Cooper Union. Nick Denton of Gawker fame had Gizmodo demoing. Henry Blodgett of Silicon Alley Insider was also on hand as were many others.

The Fall is here and for my two-bits I am happy to see a viral community in place filled with enthusiasm and vigor.


Suma said...

Hey, thats really a great experience...the t-shirt is very cute and very fine...

suma valluru

Andrew Parker said...

iilwy is BEAUTIFUL! Full-screen goodness :)

Coming to Luna Park tonight?