Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Reads My Blog: MyBlogLog Style

Today as I was about to update my blog with a story about poor VC's getting edged out of deals by evil Google, instead I take a look at MyBlogLog community widget.

Its always a good feeling to see who's reading your work. My writing style is fluid. Its not appropriate at times and might not even make sense depending on how well my spell check is working.

I know that my mom reads this occasionally, but its good to see local techies names pop up on my list. Today I saw Lindsay_Lohan on my widget toolbar. Not the real Lindsay, but the fake one. Check out her blog here. Although this is a spin-off from The Fake Steve Jobs, I am still appreciative of the Fake Lindsay Lohan checking out my script. Maybe she saw my article about tennis and found it thought provoking?

The community aspects of the MyBlogLog widget allow users to interact on a higher level than say, facebook, where you don't really know who has been looking at your profile (which is a little scary). I enjoy the fact that I have the capability of seeing and interacting with people who use my blog. Shout outs to Innonate, Dan Putt, Charlie O'Donnell, Michael Galpert, Brett Petersel, Ken Berger, Howard Lindzon and many others.

MyBlogLog takes feedburner stats and puts a face to the name. It allows me to see what blogs my readers are reading and helps to connect me with communities and certain blogs which I frequent by automatically adding me to that community. These features I enjoy. Not really sure what the next step for this company would be.

Enough raving.


Nate Westheimer said...

I think this fake Lindsay Lohan is among us, or everywhere. She shows up on Charlie's and my blog as well. We should keep a lookout for folks we run into who know too much about celebs -- then we'll know who this fake-coke-head really is.

Michael Galpert said...

i saw her (probably a him) on mybloglog too and took her off from public view. im not a fan of spamming mybloglog

Lindsay Lohan said...


Ew - spam is so gross. Isn't mybloglog all about telling you who is reading your site. I think you should be happy that the world's biggest superstar cares enough to read that you have cleared your inbox. That kind of everyday stuff is fascinating to us uber-celebs.

It would be too much of a pain to switch to my real profile (Sergey Brin) every time I checked out the technology blogs.