Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cellphones on the Subway

This morning's NY Times article on cellphone use in the subway needs to be lauded.

For years we have been unable to establish decent-to-reliable cellphone communications within our lovely subway depots. Now the Manhattan Transit Authority has announced a plan to wire all 277 New York City subway depots.

Its irritating and nonsensical that it has taken this long. For years the capability has been in place for underground cellphone networks to exist. The only people who seem to not benefit from this new system will be Nextel subscribers, who, have had their loud obnoxious two-way "walkie talkie" phones working in the subways for years.

Proponents of the plan will rightfully point out that more people will be talking in the subways moving forward. However, the subways are already above recommended decibel levels and additional cellphone conversation should not dramatically increase this level much more.

Oh well, listening to people talk is a way of life that won't be changing anytime soon. Details have not been revealed about the levels of data transfer that will be available, but at least moving forward my blackberry will sync to the internet, my 3G will work and I'll be a happy camper.