Monday, August 27, 2007

Summergarden 2007 Closing: Cyro Baptista's Anthropo-Fagia

Last night I attended a really great concert at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It was the end of the Summergarden jazz music series which has been held in the sculpture garden for the last two years.

Cyro Baptista and his group Anthropo-Fagia (roughly translated as "eaters of culture") led the free concert through an enjoyable hour-ensemble of Brazilian world music. It was fascinating to watch Cyro layer the sounds of whistles, bike bells, drums and pvc pipes to transport the audience into the rain forests of Brazil.

Further, it was a wonderful way to close the weekend. The ambiance of Baptista's music surrounded by the ultra-sleek modern lines of the museum was further supplemented by Richard Serra's beautiful installation.

If you haven't seen Serra's work yet, better hurry up, it will be featured at MOMA only through September 10th.

Go see Cyro Baptista if ever you get the opportunity. He rocks!