Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New apple imac

New apple imac
New apple imac,
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Picture from the apple store at the general motors building at 12:36AM.

Very beautiful and slick. The price drop on the models should further help apple as they expand their retail operations nationwide.

Long AAPL.
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David said...

A 5 year old could leave this analysis. Thanks for the insight. What Apple is missing is something between the mac mini and the MacPro. If they could have a consumer desktop then they could really make a dent against PC's. However, they don't. A lot of the mac community was really looking forward to Tuesday because they thought apple was going to announce this much needed model. They didn't. And until they do, they are extremely inhibited in commanding more of the market.

Kristian said...


You are absolutely correct. A five year old could leave this analysis. But thats besides the point. It was more about the picture than the analysis. I was at the store as they were putting out the computers.

Its hard to analyze these things from your blackberry. It was a mobile upload.

The real issue that I see in Apple gaining a larger share of the PC market is dependent on their price-point and suite of software.

They have made tremendous strides towards offering more affordable products. Additionally they are now packaging their iLife software as a bundle that comes standard with the purchase of new computers.