Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Couric Invades Iraq

Well its great to hear that CBS's embattled hostess is heading off to Iraq. We will finally find out the truth about the Iraq War. However, Its sad that the only way to boost ratings for the Evening News is for the CBS to send its $15M/year host off to a war zone.

Not really sure where CBS is trying to go with this. Do they really need the ratings that bad? Don't they already have a bunch of foreign correspondents already reporting away? Didn't one of their translators get dragged out of his home and murdered a couple of days ago?

Its one thing to put the celeb reporters in front of the spotlight and a million paparazzi, but another to throw them in front of a firing squad.

What appears most interesting to this reader is what kind of a story is CBS attempting to create? In so far as I understand it, the only story here is that Katie Couric is heading over to Iraq. Unfortunately, unless something amazing happens during this foray into the unknown, I will not be watching a single second of it. I do not have a TV and the only way I"ll be viewing Couric is if funny or disastrous clips show up on youtube.

Howard I fear for your well being. What if wallstrip is not a hit? Will you and Lindsay be sent to Afghanistan, or maybe even worse, Canada?