Monday, July 2, 2007

The Buzz is here

Yesterday I saw this well-to-do gentleman on the subway showing off his new iphone. It was pretty funny because he just stood in the middle of the car, listening to music, but holding his phone out the entire time for the world to ogle.

Usually I am not grasping at my shuffle or curve to show the world how cool I am. Now I understand that its the hip thing to do - I mean it IS an iphone.

But trust me, the curve is all I need.

Howard unfortunately is caving into the hype and buying the phone. Its okay only because he's so long AAPL.


Anonymous said...

If it gets to scary (this Iphone hype) run away to the Kingdom of Sweden. Iphone will be in shops for this christmas, so far no nerdy iphone flashers in Sweden.
But we have alot of MacIbans.

Kristian said...

not sure what Maclbans means. I googled it too.

please forgive my ignorance.

Go Sverige!