Saturday, June 23, 2007

Williamsburg, I don't know you anymore

Two years ago as a newly minted college graduate I moved to the oh-so-hip Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

This little canton of hipsterness has been the last bastion for the un-corporate to thrive.

After 9 months of hipsterville I had had enough, thats when I packed my bags and over a year ago moved back into Manhattan. It was almost hard for me to leave behind the coolest, most artsy people of New York. But living in Brooklyn I discovered that indeed I am not hip. I wear a suit (with a tie or bowtie), I wake up before noon, my office is not a coffee shop and I am not in a band.

Williamsburg and I left in amicable terms.

Last night I attended a toshi party across the street from the domino sugar factory. It was a horrendous affair. This promoter guy packs in 2,000 people into this old building , has some djs and a pretty much open bar. I've gone to a couple of these over the years but this year's Swedish Party will be my last.

Leaving behind the toshi party I arrived within four blocks to my old bastion - The Levee. Its one of my favorite NY bars and was ground zero for most nights back in the Brooklyn days.

The place was packed. More so than I had ever seen it before. The culture had changed. The people were not hip. There was a paucity of tattoos. I didn't see the oh-too-familiar Brooklynites I used to hang out with. In fact the only person I knew was one of the bartenders.

"It totally sucks working here now" was her response to my question "What happened here?"

Williamsburg is no longer the cool spot for hipsters. Thats my opinion and its final. My pad in Spanish Harlem is a lot cooler and cheaper than Williamsburg. Its also quicker for me to get to work in Midtown - registering a cool 15 minutes by subway.

Way Short Williamsburg, Long SpaHa.