Saturday, June 16, 2007

Uber-connectivity and consolidation

All these widgets, communication hotspots and means for contacting people are becoming overwhelming.

Take twitter, facebook, AIM, myspace or what-have-you. We are so damn connected that its harder and harder for me to concentrate on anything for more than 15 minutes (thats why this post will be short and sweet).

Did I forget to mention blogs, podcasts, videocast as other mediums which connect us via the internet? And emails, SMS text messages, skype...

The next generation of youth will never be without their friends. Relationships will be cast in html simultaneously. GPS-enabled phones will make it possible for people to identify and immediately add people as friends via their unique social characteristics.

Schools will be making all of their facebooks online, thus in kindergarten you will already have a wall that moms can write on (similar to facebook). It should be interesting to see how we begin to archive as a society these interactions which "used" to take place through paper and pen. Can we or should we be moving away from these time tested activities? Is there something implicit about the tactility of a yearbook that will never let it die?