Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trying to stay out of this...Curve vs. iphone

The Iphone.

I have never been disgusted by technology. I've been pissed off at technology for not working properly, but I tend to leave the rest of my emotions out of my tech assessments.

This brings me to today. I am disgusted with the iphone. What a dirty little word. It sounds so innocent.

I've been attempting to stay out of the apple cellphone conversation and have been awaiting its debut before passing any judgment. But I can keep my silence no longer. I am sick and tired of hearing about this gadget of all gadgets.

The features it merits worthwhile are nothing too special. The internet on the phone, oh my, the curve has that.

A camera? Yup, the curve's got that too. Music, check, video, check.

My phone does not have a touch screen and it does not allow me to pick through my voicemails either. But I like the tactility of touching my full keyboard, I also have never really cared about the order of my voicemails. God forbid my mother's message comes to me after that of a client. If anything, I would start to avoid certain messages if I knew who they came from. But wait, isn't that why we have caller ID? Check again, every phone manufactured (save for rotary phones) has caller ID.

Is the curve as sleek or cool. I think so. Did Jobs invent the cellphone. No. But I've heard enough.

Good luck with your $500 phone. It should be a success. I am long AAPL, but even longer RIMM. The legions of stock brokers, investment houses, finance people and techies who depend on their blackberries are the main audience who can afford one of these babies and they aren't going anywhere but back to their crackberries for their fix.


Andy Swan said...


Birthday in July. May cave before that.

Kristian said...

these are very tough decisions that we must make as consumers.

Andy Swan said...


Curve is awesome. Very happy.

Trying to give Landon my old know, just a "taste". He'll be addicted with the rest of us shortly ;)

Anonymous said...

just bought the curve. absolutely love it. i'd prefer to have a keyboard that i can push buttons vs with a touch screen -- what if it's cold? do i have to take off my gloves to use the phone?

Kristian said...

i wonder how the screen rotation for the iphone would work in outer space.

which direction would the screen move towards?

Anonymous said...

Sure the curve has real internet... but just isn't the same as the iphone. iphone internet WHIPS all other competitors, and that's just the way it is.

and you must have some damn tiny fingers to type on the curve with gloves on. it's a good little keyboard, but good lord... gloves? i call bullshit.

the curve is pretty nifty. but anyone who bitches about the iphone keyboard just hasn't used it much. it works as close to perfect as i could imagine. surprisingly accurate. like, 99% accurate if you just type away.

it DOES suck to not feel the keys though... so not-looking-typing is impossible. doh.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the Iphone the Curve is much better texting and emailing phone. The QWERTY keyboard is easier to use than the iphone, i tended to hit the wrong letter when i text/email on the iphone.
Calling is even though, gadgets and extras are a dead heat as well.