Thursday, June 7, 2007

Road to Somewhere

One of my dearest friends is on a most excellent adventure right now (had to drop the Bill & Ted's reference). He has been riding his BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle from Key West across the United States and has most recently made it to Alaska.

Each day he makes it easy for friends and family to follow his progress through his website and flickr account. Its pretty amazing that we are no longer reliant on the occasional postcard and now come to expect instant updates.

Ryan has taken this a step further by taking precise Waypoint Reads including the following : Blogposts, gas, restaurants, campsites, hotels, great views, postcards and of course his blog and photo log. There is also a google calendar to see where Ryan plans on heading and where he has been, that is if the maps are not enough information.

This is the most accurate bike trip I've ever heard of to date.

In the fall he will start a Masters in Mathematics at Stanford and this is his way of seeing the United States before heading back into the academic grind.

Good luck Ryan! It's fun following your Odyssey.