Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Exposures

Today I bought my second mac.

Six years ago about this time I had a G3. It worked alright, but when I got to college it was a whole lot easier to just use a pc. So I did just that.

Moving forward, its been far too long since the ease and accessibility of the mac was lost on me. But now I am a reformed mac user, typing away this very moment on my silver 15 inch MacBook Pro. I hate to admit it, but this computer is not only slick but pretty too.

I am hoping that I will not lose any of the functionality of my trusted pc desktop, but until I have proven this computer to be a true workhorse, I 'll have to keep the desktop available.

It was a great feeling walking down from the UES on Fifth Avenue staring down the GM Building. Each block I was 60 steps closer to my vicious silver demon. It only took me 7 minutes to flag a mac guy and walk out of the store.

A beautiful experience.


Howard said...

congrats dude