Monday, June 18, 2007

More on facebook applications

Tonight Howard and I contemplated the future of Facebook Applications.

Its pretty crazy how quickly these little buggers have spread. Over the weekend I was on and got a better insight into how facebook is operating, but from a third-party perspective, kind of like mashable, but only for facebook (also, I realize there are many run-on sentences in this blog as I have been notified many times before).

One of the most prolific facebook app developers is Aryeh Goldsmith a Brooklyn native who has according to one of my sources published 8 applications already, including his most recent application Facebook Bucks.

Its amazing to see how quickly new developers will be able to rise above the rabble and see their creations become used by mainstream consumers/FB addicts.

Despite slashdot's recent story about the hold-ups and waiting process for applications to become approved I think this is only a short-term setback and nothing more. The overwhelming popularity of this was not something that Zuckerberg had planned for, thus his staff is momentarily overwhelmed.

Dave Morin has his work cut out for him as the head of the facebook apps platform.

This is a great story to cover and watch as fb apps grow exponentially. The real question is when will it plateau?


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