Saturday, June 23, 2007

Memories of Ben

Pritchard. Dude you rocked. No really you totally always rocked and always will.

One of my old buddies Ben Pritchard recently passed away when his heart gave out during a bike ride. He had a heart condition for as long as I can remember.

Its really freaking me out the prospect of our mortality.

Ben and I used to hang out in high school we rowed together freshman year, rode bikes together and did some photography together.

We lost track of each other when he moved to Rochester NY following high school. I even moved out here to NYC, but even though we were much closer geographically we were outside of each other's sphere. Its not until his sudden death that I am reminded of all the fun times we shared.

He reminds me how important it is for us to be kind to each other and to always remain positive. Ben is in Bike Heaven now probably BMXing over some gnarly clouds on a bike that weighs like 2 pounds or something.

Ben you will be missed.


Andy Swan said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like Ben was a fun-loving guy that got the most out of a short life.

Greg Pritchard said...

Thanks for your memories.

He was much loved and will be
truly missed for his kindness and
spirit of giving.

His dad,


Go to :
I think his memorial photo is still on the splash page. It refelects his true spirit and nature.

Kristian said...

Mr. Pritchard,

Thank you for your note.

I've spoken about Ben with a number of Redwood High friends. We all feel horrible.

We miss his spirit, but remember the good times.

If there is anything you need. Let me know.