Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg: Did I spell that right?

Tonight there was an unexpected surprise at my office. It wasn't the 80 people that showed up or the amount of beer drunk, no it was facebook's young founder, Mark.

He showed up wearing his signature adidas flip-flops, CEO- ragged jeans and North Face jacket. Just what I would expect from the most revolutionary leader in the Web 2.0 sphere.

Speaking about the future of facebook's development Zuckerberg was hopeful and at times merry about the prospects of his newfound open-source platform.

"Facebook should have 100 million unique users by the first half of 2008" he stated.

That means we'll have 100 million tech savvy people networking on facebook within the next year. Its kind of scary, but Mark also stated that the site is continuing its growth at 3% per month. Now, I am no whiz kid but that is outrageous. Add to that this new OS thing (which has over 40,000 developers within three weeks) and we have a recipe for disruption.

Mark is kicking ass and doesn't even need to take any prisoners.

By the way, thanks Mark for having your picture taken with me. Its the only way that I can prove that I actually met you.



howard said...

excellent work young obewon

Kristian said...

we try...

Andy Swan said...

Congrats on FB forum and Biltmore gig...both big winning opportunties!