Monday, June 18, 2007

I am in love (with my track bike).

I love my bikes. I have three of them. Its kind of my addiction.

1. 1959 Cinelli 10-speed road bike.
2. Crappy converted fixed gear single speed.
3. 2007 Fuji Track Bike with Red Deep V Velocity Rims (my new baby).

Wheelset was purchased and installed by the kind folks over at Trackstar NYC.

Hope to see some of you this summer as I cruise around in style. Black and red baby - the only way I ride.

If you're ever in NYC or you already live here, let me know, you could borrow one of my bikes and we could take a spin around Central Park.


Dan Melinger said...

Let's ride sometime. Around this Sunday? Just got an entry-level Specialized single-speed / fixed gear. My rims are not nearly as hott as your red ones though...

Kristian said...

I should be around. Not really sure about when I'll wake up or where that might be. The joys of youth.

But stay in touch and we'll figure something out.