Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How to be an Analyst...

Charlie O'Donnell makes a great point today about what it takes to join the ranks of venture capital.

Yesterday I was having beers with Dan Putt and we got to thinking about the best and brightest (and the youngest) of NYC's tech scene. There are so many talented people out here and you only get to know them through interactions on blogs, tech meetups, discussion boards and co-working.

Its the prolific bloggers, meetup goers, discussion board geeks and the like that you pay attention to. They are always in your face and always making things happen.

Every week when I attend some sort of VC thing, tech meetup or what-have-you, I see the same people. In this sense our "community" has been formed through the dedication of involved techies. The profile of a few has been elevated through their continued involvement in this community. Check the NextNY discussion boards and Charlie, Nate Westheimer, Lee Semel and many others will have their names plastered all over the place. Living in this environment its relatively easy to discover the movers and shakers.

So when I pondered what it takes to work at a VC firm it was relatively easy. Be a leader, make yourself known, take an informed stance on companies, issues and technology. The more you shape your opinions, the easier it will be for people to identify you.

Most importantly, it is up to you - the aspiring analyst - to create your own opportunities. No one is going to ask for your opinion unless you throw it out there. No one is going to give you a job, if it doesn't exist. Create the need and create the job. Be loud.