Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Facebook apps

This Wednesday if you are around the NYC Metro area you should stop by my office to participate in the first meeting of Facebook Developers.

Its pretty neat. Amit Gupta decided to put together a group of developers for the purpose of discussing/demoing/ participating in creating new applications for facebook recently opened platform.

Facebook has really got it going on. Over the course of the last couple of years their domination and staying power has been tested time and time again. My hat is off to Mark Zuckerberg and his team for putting together the next generation of Microsoft/Apple/IBM innovation inspired company.

Of course only time will tell if facebook will have a major impact on the software/ technology industry, but if HotorNot.com is busy developing a facebook app, there must be many other similar minded companies that are engrossed with their own projects.

Last.fm has one of the most popular widgets, followed by iLike, xMe and any host of other apps.

These long term trends that we are watching unfold in technology have been sped up because of our 24/7 mentality and purpose du jour of creating evolution.

IBM was the dominant leader in computers for what, 50 years? This was dramatically shifted very quickly by Bill Gates as he recognized the opportunity of providing the OS for all computers. His genius lasted until Mark Zuckerberg created the next medium - the hyper social network.

The real question in the next year or two will be "Who doesn't have an application for facebook?" or "Why don't you have an application for facebook?"

I would not be suprised if in the next couple of weeks/months we see a number of start-ups seed/angel funded (if not provided Series A monies) wholly based on the concept that they see facebook apps as an important business strategy.

We will see, but in the meantime drop by at 7pm at
100 Park Avenue, Floor 24 (a block from Grand Central at 41st Street)
and please RSVP on Facebook ahead of time so we know how much food to get.