Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mohonk, Washington DC and Scottsdale: A Travelogue

The last two weeks have wreaked havoc on my sanity. Since May 2nd I have traveled through the following states: New Jersey ( it didn't smell bad this time), New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC (technically not a state) and Arizona.

Wednesday, April 25: NYC
Thursday- Friday, April 26-27: Wash DC
Saturday - Sunday, April 28-29: Mohonk Reserve (New Paltz, NY)
Monday-Tuesday, April 30-May 1: NYC
Wednesday-Tuesday, May 2-8: Scottsdale to NYC

So what does this all mean? I am bright pink, catching up like crazy with work and going insane really fast.

That would be Senator Elizabeth Dole:And we must not miss the Gainey Ranch in sunny Scottsdale. I am still bright pink from the experience.