Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Craigslist SCAMmers Beware!!!

Today I was trying to get rid of my spare bedroom in my Upper Upper East Side apartment.

Some idiot from some stupid agency JSCA is trying to pick up apartment listings to sell as brokers to unsuspecting Japanese citizens looking to come over to the US.

What a bunch of creeps. I am trying to use a FREE service and they are taking advantage of foreigners trying to make it out here in NYC.

I cc'd help at Craigslist.org, so hopefully they are vigilant about these losers.

It just really irritates me that parasitic people like those over at JSCA, who are supposedly "helping" their fellow countryfolk - can justify in their heart of hearts that its morally alright to take what is essentially a free service (save for job postings) and attempt to make money off of it.

Nice try losers.


See Email Texts below:

Hi, we are JCSA Inc., a Japanese roommate
agency. We always have some clients who
are looking for a room. They are mostly
Japanese students and professionals.

We will match you with our clients if you
can list your rooms with us .Please contact
us if you are still looking for a roommate.
Off course, we won't charge you a fee.

You can check our company’s website at

Thank you.

Jcsa Inc.
89 5th Ave suite 901
Call Takumi or Nobue at (212)-989-1234

Dear JCSA Inc,
You won't charge me a fee, but you will charge the Japanese a fee.

This is craigslist! Its free! I would never list my shared apartment on your site so you can make some money.

Shame on you.

Kristian L. Hansen


Anonymous said...

Point well taken. However, it is my understanding that this agency is a real estate agency and ALL real estate brokers scour Craigslist for listings. I know this because even though real estate agent is a friend of mine, she charged me for finding an apartment for me. And her agency always charges people at least some fee as all real estate agents do. And finding apartment through Craigslist- good luck with that. I used it and all I got is marijuana users 100% of the time. So I went to real estate agent. And coming from another country- there is a certain security in using real estate agent.
Given all that, what is free can remain free. You are right about that.