Thursday, March 8, 2007

Week in a Blur: NY Tech Meetup and other cool Stuff

This week has been obnoxious and fast moving. I haven't taken a break for anything but hey thats life.

I saw some really cool things at the Monday night meetup and another guy who I can't even begin to take seriously.


  • Daisey: A company that through P2P wants to allow users of common websites to share information with each other. If you are on for instance you would have a sidebar that would show you all the other people reading from that particular article. Once you spot someone interesting you would be able to connect with them via Skype or Myspace. The problem I saw with this was that users were not encouraged to create communities. There is a certain amount of anonymity to this site that appears unconducive to a social networking web 2.0 site. But I have not used it yet, so until I do so take my words with caution.
  • - This is a website proposed by Timothy, a veteran NY Tech Meetup presenter. I must give him credit for having the balls to continually present at meetup. I have not presented myself, but maybe thats because I have not had any good ideas yet or a reason. But Buy-if-ok is just plain crazy. For anyone present it was more of a humorous joke than a serious attempt at a business. Timothy proposes that for every product bought, the consumer is responsible for registering it on his website through its unique Serial Number. Next if someone attempts to buy an item on or something of the like they can check the number to see if its stolen. Too many ways to mess this one up. Not very well thought out at all. Maybe next time.
  • Overheard in New York - Morgan Friedman's invention is a funny website that has also been turned into a book. Morgan presented the newest feature: Overheard in New York voicemail. Through a simple vonage account Morgan records all the voicemails and turns them into mp3s. I can't wait for the lawsuit, but until then lets listen...
  • Cool idea, I think this could go somewhere. Young college grads from Brown University have established a great indie rock music website. Music is at first downloaded for free, but with each successive dl it increases in price "recommendation pricing", reaching an apex of 99 cents - much like rival itunes. Only the best music costs 99 cents and this is purely based on a meritocratic policy. The better the music the more it costs. Splits are established between the artist and publisher or record company. Let Reason and Free market policies rule. Ihope to see great things from these guys soon.
  • MusicNation, a great start-up that was recently awarded $5.5M in VC backing from Greylock Partners and Point Judith Capital. Founded by Kevin Ryan (former el heif of Doubleclick), this site is set to American Idolize music videos and the bands that produce them. For $25, bands are allowed to upload their music videos to the website. These are judged by the public according to their appeal. The top rated videos are funneled to the big record labels for further development and record contracts. Seems like a great idea to me. Furthermore its working. Lets check back in 6 months to see the alexa figures.
  • Hype machine, started by self proclaimed techie Anthony Volodkin. This site has awesome aggregating features. It trolls the internet looking for blog reviews of bands. Top rated and top blogged about music appears in the toolbar and can be streamed from websites that are hosting said music. It works through flash, itunes, wmplayer, winamp and real player. I've used this to find out about rad music and so should you. Thanks to Anthony for creating an awesome, functional website - and not using angel investors/vc money.
  • Unype, a friendly site devoted to allowing friends to show you the world through skype, google earth and an internet connection. Two people in seperate locations log into skype, one navigates the other's screen (very remote controlled desktop like) but your buddy shows you around google earth instead. Could be used for real estate brokers. I beg to differ. But nice concept.

Great reception at the Centre Bar on East 9th Street after the meetup. Good time meeting people and hearing ideas.

Well off to Sunny California for 10 days of relative bliss. Its going to be 75 in Marin on Sunday - Eat that NYC.

News to come involves the Irish, visits with Zazzle, Flurry, Gigaspaces, Critical Mention, Vantagepoint, Feedburner and much much more...