Monday, March 19, 2007

Starting to Report Back from NY about CA

Finally after a 10 day hiatus I am firmly planted back in NYC. To my utter disappointment there was a snow everywhere around the city upon my 12:15 AM arrival at JFK.

Let me work this backwards.

Here's a couple of pics from Zazzle's new office in Redwood City:

What else?

Tuesday afternoon I stopped by Flurry, Inc. The were just handed $3.75 Million from some nice guys over at DFJ and Draper Richards at the start of March.

A few emails back and forth with Henry Sohn, their Chief Product Officer did not result in anything ( I guess they are really busy with all that money $$$$$). No one was at their office, so I took a picture of the door.

Next round, Interview with Jason Knight, CEO/Founder of Wesabe.

They were just funded by O'Reilly Alpha TechVentures, a spin-off from O'Reilly Media based out of Sebastopol, California.

Its a kickass website devoted to helping people save money. Consumers enter all their bank account information (download statements etc) and credit card info onto their own computer - Wesabe doesn't hold ANY of your personal passwords. Next all this information is aggregated into one place, which in turn makes it easy for you to see where you spent all that cash - probably at a bar in my case.

Jason was kind enough to meet with me for a good hour to talk about the philosophy of his company and what he is hoping to accomplish in the future. His take on the start-up process is great and in the coming months I hope this site takes off.

Interview to be published next.


dan said...

Sounds like a great trip, and I look forward to the interviews...

I had never heard of Flurry before but they seem to offer email on your current phone for free. How do you make money with that?

Michael Galpert said...

what made u head out to cali?

Kristian said...

I grew up in California, specifically in the Bay Area. So I went out to see my family. But it was a business trip too, so I was able to meetup with some awesome entrepreneurs in the process.


Michael Galpert said...

cool cool