Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Network2 Mixxer

Last night I attended a mixer sponsored by Jeff Pulver and the guys at Network2.

Jeff graciously poured out the booze and even provided snacks over at Proof Bar & Lounge near Gramercy Park.

I saw a couple NextNY'ers in attendance and spoke with Steve from and Gregory Galant of Venture Voice fame.

Network2 is aggregating video-based RSS feeds into one central location for users to watch their favorite web clips in one place. Speaking with Dave Kowarsky, Creator of Focus (one of the shows on Network2), I was told that the website was centered around episodic content, not one-offs like Youtube.

Partnerships between videoblogs are already in the works and rapidly expanding with some 500 episode-based video blogs already tapped into the "network".

Thanks for the Beefeater Tonics and chicken wings. Oh and the free shirt too!!


Chris Brogan said...

Glad you could come out, and thanks for being part of the gang. When will your video show go on Network2? : )